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Stuart Mitchell 

Having a theatrical family background, it seemed only natural to follow suit. and the first part I have memories of was as a cowboy in a variety show called “Nuts in May” aged 3. From there I became involved in productions at school and boys brigade. 
At that time I was also involved with Theatre Workshop in Stockbridge  and then moved on to the
world of Edinburgh amateur theatre by joining Edinburgh People’s Theatre (EPT) and Granton Drama Group. (GDG)  With GDG I appeared in many wonderful comedies including “Pardon Me, Prime Minister” playing the Chancellor of the Exchequer and had enormous fun playing Lady
Macbeth in the Farndale Avenue farce “Macbeth”.  I also enjoyed directing plays for both companies.
It was In 2003 that Mike Stewart – a member of ETA - who told me that he was working with ETA on “A Man for All Seasons” by Robert Bolt.  The company were still looking for someone to play the part of William Roper and as this play is one of my favourites, I decided to audition.  I was delighted to be given the part and I’ve been with ETA ever since.
I really enjoy belonging to a company which has a deserved reputation for tackling challenging plays. I particularly enjoy being part of strong ensemble playing which ETA is also well known for. “A Tale of Two Cities” presented in 2009 is a particularly good example.  I am very grateful to have
had the opportunity to play so many well written parts such as Gately in “The Day they Shot John Lennon” Dr Gortler in “I Have Been Here Before”, Donald Duck in “Blue Remembered Hills” and Lopakhin in “The Cherry Orchard”.  I look forward to hopefully playing many more in the years to come.