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Kim Edgar 

I joined ETA as a very shy 17 year old, and it made a huge impact on my life. Through ETA, I have made lifelong friends, travelled to festivals across the UK, and gained confidence in meeting and working with new people. When acting in a variety of roles, I learned much about performance; one lasting memory is learning the value of the pause - of what isn't said or done - as directed by Norrie Morton. I also made my first forays into composing, performing and
arranging music for theatre, including co-creating music for The Mystery Plays (with Stephen Murphy) for live performance for chamber orchestra and choir. 
I'm now self employed as a singer songwriter, and regularly write, perform, record and arrange music - as a session musician for others, as a solo artist, and in the band "The Burns Unit which recently appeared on the Jools Holland Show.  Many of the skills I learned in ETA have stood me in good stead for musical performance, and the pauses, or spaces, in my own compositions have attracted positive attention - I am grateful to Norrie Morton for the advice! I continue to enjoy
having occasional musical input for ETA productions, and regularly enjoy attending shows as an audience member.