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Jean Anthony At five years old I was a child “star” and since then my career has galloped downhill. My next attempt at thespian activities was with a vaudeville group whose gags and one-liners make me “gag” to think of them.

I joined ETA some 40 years ago and they took me in hand and nurtured any talent they could find.  In particular, Norrie Morton encouraged and motivated me always giving me good advice about stage presence and delivery.  I left ETA to take up teaching and only returned in 1995 since when I have been fortunate enough to appear in many productions including “A Man for all Seasons”; “David Copperfield”;  “Men should Weep”;”The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomens Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of “Macbeth”.  Favourite Productions?  -  It would have to be comedies as audience laughter is, for me, worth all the effort that  has gone before.  So, my votes would go for “Steel Magnolias” ;  “A Fistful of Mondays” and  “The Farndale………..”(as above).