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Irene Allan 

I first joined ETA in the autumn of 1991 for a production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller.  It seems
a hundred lifetimes ago now, yet no time at all.  Having just left school I was in the process of deciding whether to go to university to study Psychology or to go to Drama School to become an actor.  It was my time with ETA that answered that question; but were it not for the incredible support of Norrie Morton and Edith Peers who religiously rehearsed and directed my audition pieces, John McLinden's constant positivity and encouragement or the meticulous and insightful directing techniques of Mike Duffy (who I've since had the good fortune to work with professionally) I can honestly say I would never have made it through the door of Queen Margaret's Drama Department door!
Since graduating in 1996 I have worked with countless companies including BBC, National Theatre, London and the National Theatre of Scotland.  In 2008 my old Drama College invited me to be on their audition panel for the intake of new students and since then I have returned as an External Assessor and as an Assistant Director.  Last year I won a bursary from the Federation of Scottish Theatre (part of Creative Scotland) to become an Assistant Director to Cumbernauld Theatre's A Christmas Carol.  During this time I wrote a series of drama workshops which I now teach as part of the Edinburgh Council Adult Education Programme.  There is a play burning
inside me, waiting to be written, which I hope to have achieved by the end of the year.
It still astonishes me that this huge and exciting life that I've lived started all those years ago when a man called David Gibson casually asked me one Sunday afternoon, “Would you be interested in auditioning for a play called The Crucible...?”