Edinburgh Theatre Arts

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Finlay Black

My involvement with ETA started with one of their infamous Burns’ suppers when long standing member, Derek Marshall, demanded to know who I was – after all I was washing his dishes in a kitchen so full of people we could hardly move.   This was the start of lots of ETA activities that I involve myself in to support my partner who is the group’s treasurer.  
The dish washing might give you a clue to my forte – which is strictly backstage - I’m afraid the old grey matter wouldn’t hold up to remembering the lines – even if I could act!   Since 2005 I have taken on ever more demanding tasks each year – principally assisting the Stage Manager and running the Bar during our shows.   During many of our recent productions I have assisted David Gibson with set construction and for our first pantomime, in 2010 – written and produced by my partner David McCallum – I designed the set and had to build it in just four hours – no mean feat! And for Moll Flanders I designed and built most of the staging elements  envisioned for this ETA Fringe production.  I very much enjoyed doing this and obtained a great deal of personal satisfaction from completing each element of the set.
I’ve seen and been involved with many ETA productions over the past seven years – among my favourites are A Taste of Honey, The Day They Shot John Lennon, A Servant of Two Masters, I Have Been Here Before, Tons of Money and The Cherry Orchard.