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Edith Peers

My association with ETA began when I was eight years old and was very willingly “dragged” to rehearsals by my Dad. Two years of standing longingly and silently in the wings followed until aged 10,  I was granted the honour of delivering two whole lines “ No Miss Kelly” and “Yes Miss Kelly” in my finest junior American accent.

The big time beckoned and my first onstage role found me acting alongside a dog who theatrically answered to “Mr Skeffington”. Unfortunately at the critical moment , just as I was about to address my main speech to Mr S he jumped off the sofa and leapt straight into the wings! Never work with animals and children I thought , however given the very short passage of time since my offstage debut , I guess Mr S was thinking the same thing !

From that inauspicious beginning I have been fortunate to play some wonderful roles . “Laura” in “The Glass Menagerie” “Sonya” in “Uncle Vanya” , “Nora” in “A Dolls House” ranking amongst my favourites !