David Gibson

My very first role with ETA was as a humble Howard in Death of a Salesman in 1986, followed by an even more humble role in Chase Me Comrade dressed balletic tights as a Russian ballet dancer-  all my dialogue in cod Russian, with the not inconsiderable task of learning gobbledigook and catching a leaping Mike Duffy gracefully in my arms as he ran across the stage. These were followed by wonderful parts in other pieces such as  – the quiet, dignified Marco in View from the Bridge with many rehearsal attempts to spit effectively in Norrie Morton’s face; a testament to Mike Duffy’s search for perfection.  These were followed by Vinnie in The Odd Couple, the reverend John Hale in The Crucible, Murphy in The Front Page, the smug Torvald in The Doll’s House – my first big part - the sinister Goldberg in The Birthday Party, the pathetic Harding in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, the downtrodden but defiant Crooks in Of Mice and Men, the slimy Lyman Felt in the Ride down Mount Morgan – encased in plaster of Paris in a hospital bed, Thomas More in A Man for all Seasons – a really challenging part in a terrific play; more recently, the loser Barry the barman in A Fistful of Monday, Edith’s maiden flight as a director. Over the years there have been other parts which included the vicar in Sailor Beware, A Slight Case of Murder, Jules in My Three Angels, Banquo and Siward in Macbeth, The Schools' Superintendent in The Government Inspector, The Weekend and a jaded police detective in Laura.

I also help with set construction when no one more expert can be persuaded to do it.

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